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1999 Ford 150 -----$2,700

110,000 Miles

Replaced Motor, A/C, 4 new tires, Great for hard work, Good condition, Runs great.


2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ----- $3,200

138,000 Miles

4 Doors, A/C, Runs great, ready to go.


2004 Ford Windstar ----- $3,700

129,000 Miles

7 Passengers. Great condition, 2 Sliding doors, 2 regular doors, A/C running awesome.


2006 Toyota 4Runner -----$8,200

177,000 Miles

Automatic, 2 Doors, Sun Roof, Perfect condition. Clean tile, ready to go.


2008 Jeep Commander ----- $5,700

139,000 Miles

Automatic, 5 Doors, Ceiling screen, Need exterior tire molding, Perfect running condition. 


2007 Honda Odissey ----- $5,700

155,108 Miles

7 Passengers. Great condition.


2007 Nissan Versa ----- $6,000

122,000 Miles

4 Doors, A/C, Very economical in gas. Runs great.


2008 Nissan Frontier ----- $5,700

129,000 Miles

Automatic, 2 Doors, Sun Roof, Perfect condition. Clean tile, ready to go.


2003 Honda Accord ----- $3,700

163,000 Miles

Sport car, Sun Roof, A/C running great


About Us

Pre-Owned Vehicles

At our dealership, we stock our lot with mint-condition  pre-owned vehicles. We service our own vehicles to make sure they are in road-ready shape. Interested in our of our vehicles? Ask for a test drive!

Friendly Staff

From the moment you arrive on our lot to when you get the new keys to your vehicle, our staff is there to ensure you have an enjoyable, painless experience. They have decades of experience between them, so don't be afraid to get your questions answered!

Our Mission

 To make sure that all of our clients find the best car that suits them and their needs at the best prices on the market while ensuring vehicle safety and motor reliability. 

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